Open to Receive Love and Abundance Meditation

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Men kan gå seg vill i hundrevis av meditasjoner som ligger ute på Det kan derfor være vanskelig å finne en som passer for akkurat deg - eller meg. Jeg har funnet frem til denne, og det er jeg slett ikke alene om. Den ses og brukes daglig av mange. Kanskje fordi den er behagelig å lytte til - og meditere etter. Stemmen er mild og god, musikken rolig og ordene er lette å forstå. Det er verdt et forsøk. Jeg forsøker å meditere etter denne hver morgen. Om ikke annet - så får den meg til å starte dagen med et smil. Og det er slett ikke dårlig.


"You don´t attract what you want,

you attract what you are."

Wayne W. Dyer

"Å gjøre ingenting


er også en god medisin."





Av Sondre Stokkan Spæren


Over a period of time now, I’ve realized how useless and automatic anxious thoughts are. I Started to experiment with not giving a fuck about them. That was really scary, and thus I fell back into my old thinking patterns. Then I finally realized that I didn’t need this anxious voice, and that it was just creating a lot of stress and negativity (mental noise I guess you could call it) in my life.


I Decided to start to trust myself (scariest thing I’ve ever done by the way!!) but it payed off!


Just realize this: There is no point in not being relaxed (Important! I do not mean relaxed as in lazy…). Cause when you are relaxed, you are the best, smartest, most compassionate, creative version of yourself (it’s a cliché, but it’s true), and if you have an overly anxious mind, chances are you are pretty intelligent, at least most of the anxious people I know are really observant, smart and creative when they just relax and feel comfortable. The answer is simple: You just need to relax and trust yourself (even if it is super scary at first!). It will take some time for your mind to settle after being anxious over a long period of time, and it will try to lure you back into your old thinking habits! But just sit quiet! Think of your anxious mind as being a bar full of drunk noisy people. The twist being that you are sober (and can observe this madness with some perspective).


It’s not easy to get a hold of this approach, and you will probably end up overdoing it several times, before finding the right balance. The point is that this is a useful technique. I play the drums, and one teacher told me this, which I think you can apply to many things: «Just learn everything you can, and practice it so that you can do it really well. Then forget about it….And it will appear naturally when you need it (in your playing/situation etc.). For example, if you are really socially anxious, chances are, that you are actually pretty good at socializing. That is, if you just relaxed a bit. Because…Then you probably are very sensitive to other people, hence, you are probably good at seeing their situation and taking on their perspective. You have probably thought a lot, and read a lot of information about how to improve in social settings, and you therefore have a really solid bank of info to draw upon. You just need to see that when you are anxious, you do not have access to all this useful information. It is only available, or at its most useful I should say, when you are relaxed. Cause then it will just flow naturally.

One last tip that helped me get the right approach: Think of the relaxation approach to the mind as follows: Your mind naturally wants to be relaxed and happy, but when your anxious, you cloud the mind with lots of thoughts and feelings. You do not need to TRY to make yourself relax. It just happens automatically after a period of time, because that’s where the mind wants to be. So, you don’t need to force anything. Just take your foot of the gas pedal and allow your mind to wind down!


You would not listen to everything these drunk people would tell you, you would probably just laugh and think that they do not know you and you don’t care what they tell you. Your mind will be full of thoughts and seemingly important things that your mind REALLY wants you to pay attention to. The thing is… When you finally relax, you will still be aware of all these important things, but you’ll be in a totally different state of mind, and think totally different thoughts (which you do not understand or have the perspective to see, when you are stuck and being caught up in your anxious mind, so you just have to trust this). And this will work eventually. And it works every time. It just takes more or less time for your mind to wind down, depending on how anxious or stressed you are. And do not get angry or irritated if you find yourself falling back into the anxiousness. This will happen! The important thing is just to remember that things will look totally different when you just allow your mind to wind down.

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